During the period of 22–25 January 2019 the World Economic Forum will hold its annual meeting in Davos. Tempest and Gothia Protection Group are currently planning for this meeting to ensure that our clients will enjoy a safe stay during the event.

If you or your organization plan to participate, do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice and counselling regarding the services we can offer on- and off site in conjunction with your trip.

We have a solid track record of giving the highest level of service to our clients and our knowledge of the local area provides for ensuring unparalleled safety. Throughout the years we have established an extensive network which we frequently use to ease and facilitate procedures that otherwise are very time consuming and complicated.

This event, generally regarded as one of the most important and significant of its kind, needs thorough planning to guarantee a good outcome for the visitor(s). This planning in turn needs to be tailored after the specific client’s needs and wants. We are happy to answer questions in this regard and we continuously post tips and recommendations on our home page.

Individual Planning

Focus on the event at hand and leave it to us to plan all the practical aspects of your safety. We have a dedicated team of professionals who will take care of all the logistics related with security, i.e.; transports, accommodation, activities, etc. throughout your entire stay.

Executive Protection

We can provide you with close protection officers, outer perimeter protection and/or alarm systems if need be. Simply book the alarms and they will be at your disposal upon arrival.

Secure Transportation 

Guests arriving with private- or commercial aircraft will be greeted at the airport and driven between accommodations, meetings and other appointments. We also offer safe escorts to and from public appearances.

Technical Support and Protective Maesures 

All conversations are not made to be public. Who used the facilities before you? Our professionals will sweep the area for bugs and other unwanted devices.

Medical Support

Do you want or require someone who is proficient in medical attention? If so, we will provide you with personnel with these required skills throughout your stay.


Stellan Kjellberg, Project Manager

Mobile: +46 70 925 46 90




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